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Occasionally, we get contacted by people who are just looking for an easy solution to their problem. They are not interested in doing the necessary work or willing to make any changes in their lives; they just want to find that loophole or program that will make their problem go away. Well for everyone that wants to skip the process and go straight to the answer, I am going to reveal the secret to financial wealth. Drumroll please (dadadadadadadadada), the secret is ….

Financial Wealth = Spending Less + Making More

It sounds too simple doesn’t it? Well it is simple but it isn’t easy. We often understand that we may need to make some changes to spend less. Everyone’s situation is unique. There are some individuals and families that make a very good income and they can get their financial house in order by developing a budget and the discipline to make their budget succeed. But what if you have cut, sliced, and diced your budget to the point that light bulbs are a luxury and the money still doesn’t stretch far enough? Sometimes there just isn’t enough money coming into the house. Then the obvious answer is to make more. This again is simple, but not necessarily easy.

So where will this extra money come from? Here are some of the possibilities:

  • Check with your current employer. Is overtime available? Increase your effort, thus increasing your value to the company. This may lead to bonuses, pay raises or promotions.
  • If you earn commissions, focus on improving your performance. Focus on these areas (BAT): increase your Behavior (activity), improve your Attitude and improve your Techniques.
  • Get a part-time job.
  • Start a part-time business.
  • Look for items around your house that you can sell. If you aren’t using it, sell it. These items can be sold at a garage sale, on e-bay, on Craig’s List, through auction houses or classifieds.

Be open to new ideas. Be willing to think out of the box. But if you get stuck and would like some help identifying your options then give us a call. 317-858-7270.

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