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The slogan or mantra “stop, drop and roll” is very familiar to most of us. When used in the proper context, such as a fire, “stop, drop and roll” is the action that we must take to save our life. However, when it is used in the wrong context the results can be devastating.

In what context can “stop, drop and roll” be devastating? Try using it in your finances, career, marriage, parenting and fitness. The problem is when we apply the mantra to other parts of our life, it renders us motion less. Instead of action words, we hear “stop (do nothing), drop (drop our expectations, goals and dreams) and roll (roll over, give up or become apathetic).”

I will leave the marriage, parenting and fitness advice to experts such as Alyssa Johnson, LCSW and Fitness Coach Nathan Irvin. How does this apply to our finances and careers? Many of us have had periods of our life, and may even be experiencing it now, where we find ourselves overwhelmed, frustrated and oftentimes hopeless.

These feelings of frustration and hopelessness may cause us to sabotage our own careers. We “stop” looking for ways to improve ourselves. Our performance and pride“drops.” And we “roll” over and give up on reaching our goals, on reaching a promotion or striving for a new position. We start going through the motions and counting the years we have until retirement, the months left until our next vacation, the days left until the weekend and the hours left until the end of the day.

In our financial life we may be overwhelmed with debt, frustrated over living paycheck to paycheck or scared about a change that is about to happen in your life. We may “stop” paying our bills or even “stop” opening our mail or “stop” answering our phones. Our self- esteem “drops”, our energy level “drops” and our inner drive “drops, while stress and tensions rise. This will often result in us rolling over and giving up. We run away from the issues and look for easy solutions. This may lead to late fees, bankruptcy, foreclosure and divorce.

This will become a pattern unless we interrupt the pattern. Instead of stop, drop and roll, change your mantra to “Plan, Execute and Win”.

1.Create a game “Plan”.

You must write your game plan down on paper. Identify your goals, needs and wants. Identify what you are willing to invest to make your plan succeed. What money, time and effort are you willing to commit?

2.“Execute” the plan.

Identify the obstacles that will stand in your way. Identify the action steps that you need to take to make your plan succeed

3.Generate the momentum necessary to “Win”.

Monitor and check your progress. If you are not moving forward then adjust your actions. If you are making progress, maintain your focus and increase the intensity of your actions.

While stop, drop and roll may save your life in a fire. Plan, Execute and Win can save your financial life and give you the life you need and want.

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