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Financial Coaches

Scott Doehrman

financial coach

Scott Doehrman

I have had a very blessed life.  I have a terrific family.  My wife Melinda and I have four great children; Emily, Taylor, Jack & Heidi.  I received a great education (BS and MBA degrees) from Ball State University.  Throughout my career, I have worked for some terrific bosses and organizations.  I have also been blessed to work jobs that I didn’t care for and to work for businesses I didn’t like.

You may wonder why it is a blessing to work a job that you didn’t like.  I see it as a blessing because I have experienced what most people go through every day.  I know the frustration of living paycheck to paycheck, of working a second and even third job.  I know how it feels to work for that precious paycheck and to know that it is spent the moment you get paid.  That frustration is why I started The Finance Coach.

The Finance Coach opened in August of 2005 to help individuals, families and small businesses eliminate the stress and tension from their finances. I wanted to provide this service without any bias created by the selling of financial products.

The Finance Coach has continued to grow, not only with additional personnel but also in our vision for helping others.  Beyond our normal one on one coaching, we now offer a monthly newsletter, a podcast, weekly and monthly coaching plans, seminars, webinars, and a workplace education program.

Jeff Dalverny

I have been through a lot it seems like in my 43 years on this earth. I have been is sales for over 18 years selling everything from home appliances to IBM business software. At one point I believed my passion was in construction and I dove in head first just before the market crashed. This sent me on a 4 year journey through 3 jobs in 3 different industries and a somewhat bruised ego.

Though all this my wife Amy and I went through Financial Peace University. A light was turned on for me and we got intense and proceeded to get out of debt for the 2nd time and build an emergency fund. And then it happened again just when we had the emergency fund finished I lost my job. With no bills and only a small mortgage to pay and money in the bank I had the flexibility to seek Gods direction and my passion for what I wanted to do and be.

That’s when I met Scott and realized I can take my passion to help people and my desire to educate on personal finance and make a career out of it. I went through counselor training with Dave Ramsey’s people and now I am the lead financial coach at The Finance Coach.

Life is not about titles for me anymore. Now I get to work with individuals, couples, and teenagers and educate them to either not make the foolish choices I have made and the world pushes, or to walk with them through the process of changing their lives and becoming debt free.

Jennifer Baugh

financial coachJennifer joined The Finance Coach team in October 2010. As a “recovering over-spender”, Jennifer has been a personal client of TFC for over 3 years. Excited by the peace that came from living within her means, Jennifer accepted the position of Special Teams Coordinator to develop At-Work Education programs locally and throughout the Mid-west. She brings 15 years of direct-selling industry experience and 9 years of career management experience with her.

With a mission to help families achieve the peace and contentment that comes with true stewardship of money, Jennifer assists employers in providing financial education as part of an overall benefits package.

Jennifer attended Indiana State University and Purdue University . She’s been married to Tim for 23 years and together they have one child, Shelby, a college student focusing on a career as a physician.

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